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issue 1 "crushin'" is here!!!


Printed in a glossy little booklet, the first issue features hot comics from all over the place (with a significant portion from the lower mainland of BC). Includes: staple-binding, colour cover, some notes from the editor, some typos (sorry), and comics. 

where to get it using $ (at the moment):

1. the web store  (as available)

2. lucky's comics: 3972 main st, vancouver, bc 

3. 8th dimension comics: 2418 main st, vancouver, bc 

4. coming soon: more locations

5. canzine vancouver on november 5th 

6. VABF oct 13-15th, 2017 (past)

7. BOOK expo oct 14th, 2017 (past)

8. Topos Book Cafe in NYC

9. Desert Island Comics in NYC

10. Our release party! (past)

where to read it for free!

vancouver public library zine collection

emily carr university library zine collection